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Agricultural Solutions At HFEC you will find solutions for your farm, ranch and orchard equipment needs.

Lawn & Garden Solutions To help you keep your lawn and landscaping looking great, we have the full line of John Deere lawn care equipment and Echo hand-held equipment. From hand-held trimmers to 50HP tractors, John Deere lawn & garden equipment and Echo hand-held equipment has no equal.

Recreational Solutions Hamilton Farm Equipment Center is the largest Recreational Equipment Dealer in Okanogan County. We sell and service Polaris snowmobiles and ATVs. If you are looking for THE WAY OUT to enjoy the outdoors, Polaris and HFEC have just the right Snowmobile or ATV to get you there in style, comfort, and in a hurry (if you want to go fast). Need a multiple passenger utility vehicle with a cargo box? The Polaris Ranger is the Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding utility vehicle made.

Used Equipment

Last Update: September 13, 2012
Tractors Pic Equip# Year Serial# Hr/Mi Price
FORD 3000 TRACTOR   12853 1974 C449225 2408  $3,000
MF 2135 W/REV ED LFT 12891 0 N/A 9791  $3,500
USED 86 FERRARI TRTR 14336 1986 N/A 0  $6,000
USED MF245 TRACTOR 14337 0 9A329699 7009  $6,500
USED MF135G TRACTOR 14945 0 N/A 0  $3,000
USED CARRARO TGF7400 15288 2003 93366408556 2122  $18,500
USED CARRARO TGF7400   15289 2003 9308625 2017  $18,500
USED JD 2240 T/L   15679 1981 366700L 6911  $12,000
USED MF 3330G TRCTR   15731 0 TM360721 3167  $12,500
USED FORD 4000 W/LDR   15875 0 N/A 0  $7,000
USED TGF9400 TRCTR   16032 0 9311834 0  $19,000
USED AC HD5B CRAWLER   16040 1955 N/A 0  $12,000

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Implements Pic Equip# Year Serial# Hr/Mi Price
MF NA1 Dirt Scoop 11193 0 6593 0  $200
3PT 6' DISK MOWER 12391 2008 197781 0  $4,500
ERSKINE 721FM SNWBLR 12998 0 1011429 0  $5,999
HERD GT SPREADER 13376 0 N/A 0  $495
USED WEED CULTIVATOR 13750 0 N/A 0  $3,500
USED HESSTON 5540 RB   14127 1980 635 0  $2,995
USED BALE ELEVATOR 14156 0 N/A 0  $1,000
USED BALE ELEVATOR 14157 0 N/A 0  $800
USED BALE UNROLLER 14159 0 N/A 0  $650
USED JD 602 PL SPRDR 14304 0 1288 0  $2,400
USED RODA LOADER 14305 0 N/A 0  $3,500
USED JD 59" SNWBLWR   15294 0 LV3FH3X053397 3  $4,200
USED FMC242 SPRAYER   15391 0 A332235 0  $2,000
USED VICON 2WHL RAKE   15850 0 N/A 0  $500
USED JD 2BOTTOM PLOW   15883 0 N/A 0  $400
USED JD 346 SQ BALER   15962 0 N/A 0  $2,000
USED LELY SPREADER   16004 0 N/A 0  $1,000
USED WOODS 750 BHOE   16011 0 N/A 0  $6,500

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Lawn & Grounds Care Pic Equip# Year Serial# Hr/Mi Price

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Recreational Equip Pic Equip# Year Serial# Hr/Mi Price
USED PO 2000 700 RMK 15316 2000 N/A 3352  $2,000
USED 09 POL 800/163 15344 2009 1PH8FS59C675446 2800  $5,995
USED09POL 800/163 ES   15363 2009 1PH8FS39C688051 1553  $5,999
USED POL 98 600 RMK 15452 1998 3321572 2816  $1,895
USED 09 POL 700/155   15583 2009 1PM7JSX9C671048 2342  $5,199
USED 05 POL 700/144   15584 2005 1NK7CS35C518709 2350  $3,500
USED 2012 TR5X11TRLR   15686 2012 196K11102CATP0139 0  $1,450
USED DUAL AXLE TRLR   15709 2006 81435 0  $1,200
USED 07 YAMAHA GRIZZ   16005 2007 15047 0  $6,999
USED2011 IE ECON6X10   16025 2011 5L6BE10A0BF000444 0  $1,350

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New Equipment

New Equipment

New Products

ATV Front-Mounted, Breakaway, Weed Boom

Featured Product Image$160 - Call our Sales Department for details.


Want to set up a charge account with us?

Farm Plan "The Charge Account for Rural America" gives you the convenience of 30 day financing with no interest charges or the flexibility to make minimum payments during slow cash flow months. Just click here to sign up on-line or come in and we can help you get signed up by fax or mail.

Extended Warranties

As Manufacturers have been promoting the sale of extended warranties, they have become less likely to cover failures outside of the original warranty period. We feel that Extended Warranties should be viewed as an insurance policy. If there is a warranty failure, which is fairly rare, they usually occur during the original manufacturer’s warranty period. The Extended Warranty is there to cover you for the few occasions when a warranty failure occurs after the original time period. Purchasing an Extended Warranty is a good way to insure that you will not have any unexpected costs during the extended period that you purchase the warranty for. An Extended Warranty does not cover parts that wear out or are damaged by misuse of the product. The Manufacturers suggest that we, the dealer, sell you extended warranties for twice what they charge us. We do not agree with their philosophy of trying to make more money after the sale by selling you Extended Warranties and Credit Insurance as part of the sale. We do want you to have the option of purchasing Extended Warranties and we sell them at a much reduced cost.

Customized Polaris SxS Gallery

There are hundreds of attachments for your Polaris Side x Side to make it more enjoyable or just to make it unique to you. We thought a few pictures of what we and some of our customers have done might help get your creative juices flowing. If you have customized your Polaris SxS and would like to share what you have done, please email us a photo to Enjoy the pictures!

Sport Roof, 1/2 Windshield, Pro Armor Doors, Fender Flairs, 12", Aggressive Tires.

Pro Armor doors, soft top, flip-out windshield, extreme brush guard, and driving lights.

Headache Net and Dual Sport Windshields.

Flip out windshield, top, hard rear windshield, winch.

Front and rear brush guards, rear curtain, 1/2 windshield, top, Pro Armor doors.

Pro Armor doors, aluminum top, roof mounted driving lights, power steering, flip out windshield, hard rear window, winch, rock sliders, 14" Big Horn tires, front and rear brush guards.

Front view - Top, power steering, front and rear brush guards, hard rear window, flip out windshield, winch, dual bun boots, Pro Armor doors.

Rear view - Top, power steering, front and rear brush guards, hard rear window, flip out windshield, winch, dual bun boots, Pro Armor doors.


ATV & Snowmobile Club Activities

The North Central ATV Club meets the second Friday of each month at 7 pm at the Conconully Community Center. Many members eat dinner at the Silver Lode Restaurant at 6 pm. Please join us. Snowmobile Club activities will be listed as soon as we get the information from the local clubs.

HFEC Snow Reports

Last Update: Check back at winter time

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Gary Allard - Inside Salesperson Gary has been with Hamilton Farm since 1982. He deals mostly with consumer products. Last year he traveled to Florida for John Deere meetings and also to Nevada for snowmobiles, where he got to ride and order the new 2009 machines.

Gary enjoys his time away from work as well as snowmobiling, ATVs, and doing trail work. He also raises roses and has over 200 of them. He is married to Betty and has 3 grown children and 1 grandson.

Kevin Oyler - Outside Salesperson Kevin has been with Hamilton Farm since 1997. Kevin’s job requires him to be out on the road as an outside salesman. He does estimates on and buys, sells and trades agricultural equipment. He enjoys visiting with customers and seeing different areas of the county.

He likes metal working, fishing, hunting and camping. He also enjoys playing with his two kids, Olivea and Hayden. He is married to Maggie.

Conor Hamilton - Salesperson Conor moved back to Okanogan in 2009 to join the family business. He started in the parts dept. and has now joined the sales dept. He loves working in sales and helping people find the right equipment to get the job done.

Conor lives in Omak with his wife Lydia, and daughter Harper. He loves hiking with his family on the weekends.

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