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We Service what we Sell. Our technicians are factory trained for the products we sell. They are continually updating their skills as new products are introduced. We have the ability to work on almost any farm or recreation product. We do air conditioning work on trucks and industrial equipment as well as farm equipment.


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Service Tips

Calibraciones de sprayadoras    (English version)

¿Cuáles son los pasos para la calibración?

  • Discutiremos el proceso para la calibración de la mala hierba y de las rozadoras de aire
  • Hablaremos de ventajas de la mala hierba de la inducción del aire para los inyectores de esprayadoras. ¿Vocabulario y siglas del rociador
  • Hablaremos de calibraciones generadas en la computadora de HFEC
  • Podemos hablar de calibraciones de sprayadoras de mano y en ATV si el tiempo permite

Vocabulario y siglas

  • Cantidad = De químico y agua
  • Cantidad = la cantidad de químico que sé esta esprayando por acre
  • GPA= Galones por acre
  • GPM= Galones por minuto • MPH =Millas por Hora.
  • Distancia = La distancia del inyector a ondee caí el químico.

Fórmulas de las rociadoras de agua y para la rociadura de hierba mala.

GPM = de GPA x MPH X (pulgadas)

GPA =                    GPM X 5940                   
          Medida en  _______ (pulgadas) X MPH

MPH =            GPM X  5940            
          GPA X medida en (pulgadas)

Velocidad =    La distancia (en pies) X 60   
                   El tiempo en (segundos) x88

Expresada como árboles por el minuto = MPH X  88 en (pies)
                                 ……El espaciamiento de árbol en (pies)

Pies por minuto = MPH X 88

Demostración de formulas
De la calibración del uso de la fórmula pasaremos con pasos de la calibración usando nuestro manifestante como si fuera su rociador
Algunos hechos:

El espaciamiento del inyector es 16"

Que asumiremos que 5.0 MPH

Utilizaremos 30 PSI

Galones de por minuto = _____________ recogen a partir de un inyector para 1 minucioso

MPH de la anchura de GPA = de GPM (              ) X 5940
                                                     (16") X (5.0)

¿Qué podemos hacer con esto?
Las cartas y nuestra prueba confirman flujo de inyector de 0.17 GPM
que los hechos asumidos nos dan 12.6 GPA
Suponen que deseamos 20 GPA.
Utilizaríamos la fórmula para anchura de MPH =             GPM X  5940            
                                                                      GPA X medida en (pulgadas)

0.17 x 5940 = de 1009.8 = de 3.16 MPH
   20 x 16            320

3.16 MPH X 88 = 278 Pies por minuto

Fórmulas de las sprayadoras de aire

GPM = de GPA x MPH X medida en (pies)

GPA =                   GPM X 990                
            Medida _______ en (pies) X MPH

MPH =           GPM X  990         
           GPA X medida en (pies)

Velocidad =    La distancia (en pies) X 60   
                   El tiempo en (segundos) x88

Expresada como árboles por el minuto = MPH X  88 en (pies)
                                 ……El espaciamiento de árbol en (pies)

Pies por minuto = MPH X 88


  • Hemos discutido como esta calibrada su esprayadora y como se calibra.
  • Hemos discutido que tupo de inyectores alquilar.
  • Hemos discutido los inyectores nuevos turbodrop
  • Hemos discutido como calibrar los sprayadoras, y HFEC también ofrece maneras como calibrar su maquina gratis.

En donde se alquila mas información

  • En manuales y en donde se vende el producto.
  • En la Internet.
  • En las tiendas que venden químicos.
  • O en la tienda de HFEC

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Tienen preguntas???????????????

Preventative Maintenance Plans

HFEC is signed up as PM (preventative maintenance) Dealer with John Deere. Call for quote or go to the John Deere website for smaller, JD Consumer or Large Property Owner products.

Benefits of HFEC Service

Experience Our staff possess many years of experience with the products we sell. Combined they have 108 years of working in this industry. We have factory links for assistance from John Deere, New Holland, Polaris, Antonio Carraro and Slimline.

ToolsHFEC has all of the recommended special tools required to repair the products we sell.

WarrantyOne of the things that has kept us in business since 1934 has been our willingness to stand behind the products we sell. That includes labor. While we do not have a stated shop labor period, we will always guarantee our work for as long as the manufacture will warrant the installed parts. We will give an honest evaluation to every incident. At HFEC we live by the Golden Rule.

Transportation We have a Peterbilt truck with a 26' roll back bed with winch that enables us to transport the products we are capable of servicing. We have very reasonable subsidized rates for work coming in and out of the shop for repairs. We also have pickups and trailers to transport lawn and recreational products.

Field Service We offer field service for those products that are awkward to transport or when time is critical to get your machine functioning. Air conditioning and hay machinery are the most requested field services we provide. Call when your need arises and we can discuss whether field service is right for you.

Flat Rates We charge for most repairs on a time and material basis. We will, if requested, pre quote repairs. It is our opinion that is usually not in the best interest of the customer, because work done will be only that which was quoted. Frequently there are additional repairs that should be made while the unit is down. The opposite problem of Flat Rates is you may pay for more time than was actually expended. Labor times are watched closely; especially if a less experienced technician is performing the repairs so you will not pay more than if the most experienced had performed the repairs.

Service Inspections

We inspect every unit we work on for additional service needs. During the winter months we offer free inspections in the field.


eServices is a comprehensive and totally integrated suite of e-business applications designed to extend our business to you, our valued customer, via the Internet – thus allowing access and manageability of vital information anytime, at all hours of the day.

With each module in eServices, you can:

My Account

  • Display current A/R balances and details
  • Display and update addresses and contact information
  • View outstanding balances and print invoices

My Equipment

  • Display and update the equipment you own
  • Display status of current service work and request additional service to be performed
  • View recommended service schedules for your equipment and manage service contracts

Order Parts

  • Purchase parts online from HFEC for pickup or delivery

Purchase History

  • Display parts purchases and all invoice history details


  • Display outstanding parts and service quotes, view quote detail, accept or ask for re-quote

To open an eAccount, call Greg or Debbie at 1-877-422-3030 or send us an E-mail at either or We look forward to offering more services online in the future. If you have suggestions, please let us know so that we can pass them on to our site developer.


Wayne Turner - Manager John Deere Franchise from the previous JD dealer in 1971 as a mechanic. He became service manager in 1973. Our customers and employees benefit from his many years of knowledge and experience with the products that we have sold. Growing up on a farm in the Okanogan Highlands, has given him an appreciation for the stresses a farmer feels when breakdowns occur.

Wayne is married to June and has two grown children, Brian and Lisa. He enjoys hunting and fishing. He is also active in his church and is an Okanogan City Council member.

Monte Morgan - Service Writer Monte joined Hamilton Farm in October of 2004. He creates work orders, closes work orders, records what the technicians did and their comments and takes care of warranties and has just taken over scheduling the work flow of the technicians. Monte enjoys singing while working and keeping people upbeat and positive. He enjoys the people he works with, meeting customers, and helping to manage the flow of service work through the department and is always willing to provide a hug if needed.

Monte is married to Catherine and they have two children, Madison and Mason. They moved from Spokane to be closer to family. He enjoys wrestling around with his kids and hanging out at home.

Kelly Lickfold - Technician Kelly has worked off and on for Hamilton Farm since 1979. He completed the John Deere Mechanics and Sales School and does mechanic work on most everything. He really enjoys working on haying equipment. He says the people are the best part of the job.

Kelly is married to Melissa and they have three children, Sean, Sheila and Sarah and three grandchildren. He is a world famous gunfighter and a member of the Okanogan Old West Gunfighters – The Berney Gang.

Charlie Fitzgerald - Technician Charlie has been with Hamilton Farm since 1990 and does work on four wheelers, lawn mowers, and small engines. He says he learns something new every day and gets to meet all kinds of new people from all over the county.

Charlie lives in Malott on a ranch that belonged to his great-grandfather with his wife, Marlenia, and 2 daughters, Rosemary, and Elizabeth, and nephew Tony. Charlie is a member of the Malott Fire Department and the Loup LoupSki Patrol. He likes to ski, ride ATVs and hunt.

Butch Herriman - Technician Butch started working for Hamilton Farm in 2001. He takes care of the snowmobiles, watercraft and four-wheelers. His favorite part of the job is snowmobiles. If there are new snowmobiles, that is where you will find Butch.

Besides, snowmobiling, Butch enjoys doing demolition derbys, bump-to-pass car racing, working on cars, sleds, and four-wheelers. He has a daughter, Brooke.

Tim Tugaw - Technician Tim works on tractors and also drives truck when needed. He has attended a week long service school in Italy and recently attended classes at John Deere in Walla Walla for more training. Tim likes the variety of different people and places. He has been with Hamilton Farm since May of 2004.

Tim likes to hunt, go four-wheeling, and camping, but most of all spend time with his family. He is married to Anya and they have two boys and a girl: T.J., Kayden and Maggie.

Boyd Kinney - Technician Boyd was a tank mechanic in the Army for 3 years. He worked for a year at RDL Auto in Tonasket and then went back to school and graduated from Wyoming Tech in Diesel Technology. Boyd worked for Arrow Machinery in Colfax for a year and Joined HFEC in May of 2005, and has attended 6 JD Service Schools since then. He likes being back in Okanogan County and really enjoys the close-knit family atmosphere among everyone at Hamilton Farm.

When Boyd isn’t working for HFEC, he enjoys farming and working with cows on the family ranch near Wauconda.

Tom Brantner - Technician Tom grew up and has lived in the Omak area his whole life. He spent many years working on his aunt and uncle’s farm. He worked at OK Tire Factory for three years before coming to HFEC in February 2007. He has since become a sprayer and tractor equipment technician.

Tom is a volunteer fireman for the Omak Fire Department and loves to go fishing and hunting with his wife, Sasha, and daughter, Destyne.

David Judd - Truck Driver Dave started working for HFEC in October of 2007. He has been a truck driver for most of his life. "This job seems to be an accumulation of all my driving experience. I enjoy meeting new people and going different places. Every pickup or delivery seems to be a challenge of its own. I also enjoy running the many varieties of machinery that I haul."

On Dave’s time off, he enjoys dirt bike riding, skiing, and working around his place. He has two grown children ; a son, 25, and a daughter, 29, and two grand children.

Tony Call - Technician Tony grew up in Tonasket and graduated in the fall of 2003 from UTI in Arizona with a degree in Automotive & Diesel Technology. He moved back to Tonasket where he worked for Hedland Chevrolet till the spring of 2005. He spent the last 3 years in New Mexico on a Hot Shot Crew fighting wild land fires all over the US. He joined HFEC in March of 2008.

Tony enjoys spending time with his family and friends and likes to hunt and snowmobile in his time off.